To All Our Friends Who Wanted to Travel… Get That Vacation Glow!

by Abby C. on August 10, 2022
“Revenge Travel” refers to traveling after COVID restrictions have been lifted. It shows how the pent up yearning for traveling has become a huge reason to travel. With almost 65% of Americans planning to travel in the next six months, we can almost guarantee it when we say that it is a real thing.

Maybe your friends have been traveling, but you have not had the chance to (yet). With sweater weather coming, it is no surprise that the days to get that glow are now limited. But don’t worry! You have not missed out on anything. We have tips for those who want that glow to look like they were sitting for hours under the sun instead of sitting for hours in front of a monitor.
First thing is first, get your body glowing with an exfoliating wash. The Rice Bran Powder Wash from House of Dohwa is a water-activated powder cleanser made with rice bran that gently exfoliates dead skin cells to leave the skin soft and clean as it brightens the complexions. This will leave your skin feeling and looking nice before continuing with the rest of the process.
Then, follow up with the Pumpkin Wash Off Mask, also from House of Dohwa, to de-puff your skin. Especially your eyes, which are prone to get puffy. Getting rid of the puffiness is a great idea in order to get the vacation glow. This implies one is well-rested, which we all know is a very important aspect to any vacation.
Tocobo’s AHA BHA Lemon Toner is a mildly acidic daily exfoliating toner that improves the skin’s texture and complexion to create clearer, brighter skin. Formulated with high levels of vitamin C, this toner is what is needed to brighten the skin and get it ready for the other steps in your skincare routine.
Using an ampoule to brighten your skin is a wonderful way to create that vacation glow that will have your friends asking where you went for your most recent vacation. Tell them it was a little place called, “Logically Skin.” Logically Skin’s Brightuning Peptide Ampoule is all you need and more for brightening your skin in just one ampoule.
A recent trend on TikTok is the mixing of foundation with water in order to create and enhance glowy, dewy-looking skin. Etude House’s Double Lasting Serum Foundation is a long-lasting serum that creates bright, glowing skin as if one has had a good night’s rest. Mixing a bit of water into the foundation will help create more glowy, natural-looking skin.

Where did you get that glow? Tell your friends Cancun, Maui, or maybe even Key West. Your secret is safe with us! But don’t forget you got that glow from Coréelle, where you can get all your faves and more.
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