Tradition Meets Tradition : Rakkojae X House of Dohwa Collaboration

by Subin Kim on March 23, 2022
For thousands of years, women and men in Korea placed emphasis on looking healthy and clean. For such reasons, it is no exaggeration to say that the history of KBeauty dates back centuries ago to 57 BCE, the Three Kingdoms Period! As time went on, the beauty secrets that were used were lost and replaced with other innovative skincare products. House of Dohwa is on a mission to rediscover the traditional beauty secrets and introduce them to the world.

Cica and hyaluronic acid are great, but different ingredients were used to create the porcelain skin that we all know and love. Rice was used for brightening and moisturizing the skin, making it a staple in not only meals, but also skincare as well. House of Dohwa utilizes rice as the main ingredient to create sophisticated, clean beauty skincare products.

Try the bestselling House of Dohwa products and get the complete care that your skin deserves with the Thrice the Rice Kit!

Tradition meets tradition at Rakkojae! Rakkojae is a Korean traditional culture space with a history of over 130 years. Located in the heart of Bukchon, a district in Seoul with a hanok (Korean traditional architecture) village, Rakkojae allows one to be completely immersed in Korean traditional culture. At Rakkojae, the sophisticated elegance can be felt in every crevice, allowing one to become one with the traditions of the past.

Rakkojae hosted the House of Dohwa photoshoot, where Korean traditional culture was celebrated. With the common vision of sharing the sophistication of Korean traditions with the world, both were able to express different aspects of Korean traditional culture and convey the elegance together.

You can now meet House of Dohwa products when you stay at Rakkojae! Rakkojae allows for their guests to experience Korean traditional skincare through House of Dohwa products during their stay.

Of course, you can get House of Dohwa products here at Coréelle as well! Click here to find out more and add a little piece of Korean traditional culture into your skincare routine.


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