Vegan Lip Care for Winter

by Abby C. on January 26, 2022

With more than one million nerve endings, our lips are a hundred times more sensitive than our fingertips and one of the most sensitive parts of our body. As the cold, abrasive winds attack we often focus on hydrating our skin by jazzing up our skincare routines. However, we often neglect our lips, leaving them dry and chapped.

Our lips are busy all day! Talking, eating, and speaking are just some of the daily things we use our lips for. Now it is time to give back and give our lips the love they deserve!

LUOES’ line of vegan lip balms are all made with plant-based ingredients such as aloe, Ganghwado artemisia, and sugar maple extract. This allows for these lip balms to gently provide your chapped lips with deep hydration without being irritating. As an added bonus, these lip balms give off a subtle rose fragrance, which makes them different from the artificially scented lips balms on the market. Available in five colors, these lip balms are perfect for any occasion!


This clear colored lip balm makes subtly glossy lips without the stickiness of gloss. Create healthy, shiny lips without or add this to your favorite lipstick to create a natural look.

Seoul Coral

Capturing the vibrant energy of Seoul, this lip balm allows you to look natural and energetic wherever you are. Be the star of any occasion with this lip balm!

Coral Quartz

Inspired by crystals, this lip balm creates a luminous effect on your lips, to create a healthy, brightened look when applied.

Rococo Red

This lip balm makes your lips look like luscious cherries when applied! Perfect for any special occasion or when you need a little pick-me-up!

Rose Quartz

This is “the” MLBB shade for everyone! Complete your everyday look with this gorgeous tinted lip balm and look fabulous wherever you go.

Can’t choose what color to choose? Find the right hue for you with our short quiz below!

Don’t forget your lips this winter! Grab a Vegan Lip Balm today! (Check out our favorite winter skincare routines to help you get your skin soft, moisturized too!)

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