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The Potions can be used alone, but we've specifically formulated it so that it binds with your existing skincare regimen to give it an extra boost.

This guide is for the lazy skincare lovers looking for an easy improvement to their current skincare routine. We love the 10 step method, but some of us just ain't got the time for that!

Your favorite moisturizer but better

Want to wake up with glowing skin the next morning but your regular moisturizer just isn't cutting it?
Try adding a drop or two of Peptides to it!

Step 1

Apply your usual amount of moisturizer to your hand, then add 2-3 drops of the Peptides Ampoule.

Step 01: Moisturizer and Peptide
Step 02: Mix together

Step 2

Mix together with two fingers and massage onto face and neck.

Step 2

Mix together with two fingers and massage onto face and neck.

You're welcome ✨

Where's the Peptide?

Your Moisturizer,

Peptides are an essential nutrient in promoting overall skin health. In order to get the full benefits of peptides they should be combined with products that aren't washed off such as a moisturizer.

The moisturizer acts as a carrier and helps deliver the active ingredients to your skin.


Sometimes the rigid Korean 10-step method isn't very practical. Especially those mornings when all you want is to grab a few more minutes of sleep. Skincare mixology is all about simplifying and customizing your routine according to your needs.

The mix-your-own skincare approach is a fun way to reap all the benefits of the 10-step routine and save time.

The Potions droppers

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