if your haircare routine is non-existent

🦁 unruly hair

🌟 lack of shine

🧶 easily tangled

spritz on-the-go with
Shine & Moist Water Essence Hair Mist

the deal.

detangle your hair and mellow out those tangles, frizz and static.

the benefits.

nourishes and replenishes the hair, protecting it from environmental damage and preventing hair from becoming tangled, frizzy or static.

spritz on hair whenever it feels dry or needs a nourishing treatment on-the-go 💁🏻‍♀️

the how.

· shake bottle sufficiently before use.
· spray on hair from 2-4 inches away before styling.
· may be used on wet or dry hair.
· use whenever necessary.
· no need to rinse!


style as usual ✨

for emergency use.

our shine & moist water essence hair mist is infused with calamus root extract and crambe abyssinica seed oil. it's a superhero spray treatment formulated to mellow out those wild tangles, crazy frizz, and ecstatic static.

sometimes you don't have the time for a full haircare routine and just need a quick fix and be out the door. if your haircare routine is non-existent, take this hair mist with you wherever you go for an instant, emergency fix!

listen to your hair needs, have fun exploring new styles, and know that we’ve always got your back when you’ve made a bad decision 😉

need extra help?

explore our range of damage care

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