Anti-Aging Facial Mask Set

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Using these face masks will help tighten your skin and get rid of wrinkles due to the anti-wrinkle properties.

Nacific Herb Retinol Relief Mask Pack 1ea
- A retinol-infused retinol that relieves the skin and firms loose skin to help maintain the skin’s elasticity.

Pumpkin Sous Vide Mask Sheet

- Get your dose of fruits veggies with the Pumpkin Sous Vide Mask Sheet! This emulsion type sheet mask is infused with sweet pumpkin extract to smooth and firm skin for a healthy complexion. Made with biodegradable Lyocell fabric that gently wraps the skin and feels soft as silk.

Bio Active Resurrection Plant Ampoule Mask 25g

- An energy-supercharged sheet mask that completely replenishes skin and boosts skin resilience, dedicated to transforming rough, exhausted skin.

Aquatide Soothing & Lifting Mask

- The Aquatide Soothing & Lifting masks combine best-of-breed patent ingredients in maximum quantities, such as 4% of Aquatide 5000 which invigorates the skin’s natural energy, with ultra-fine luxurious microfibre sheets that maximize absorption.

Patchholic Aqua Plus Firming Mask 1ea

A sheet mask that provides the skin with elasticity and improves the skin texture to create youthful skin.

Silky Gardening Sheet Mask 1ea

- A sheet mask designed to nourish the skin texture and create a smooth, balanced skin texture.

House of Dohwa Rice Bran Sheet Mask 1ea

- The House of Dohwa Rice bran sheet mask, wraps rich rice bran extract onto the skin with 100% cotton sheets, drenching the skin with full nutrition.

1. After cleansing, tone your skin texture with toner.
2. Take the sheet out and spread onto your face.
3. After 10~20 minutes, remove the sheet and gently pat the essence residue onto your skin for better absorption.

Please check the product pages for details.

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