Daily Moisture Bubble Toner 150ml

$25.08 $27.87
A slightly acidic toner that provides the skin with a boost of hydration to instantly moisturize dry skin.

- This toner has a smooth texture that activates bubbles when shaken to relieve skin dryness.
- This product contains moisturizing and soothing ingredients to help exhausted, irritated skin.
- This toner is created with a weak acidic formula that provides the skin with comfort when used.
- This product is created using EWG Green Grade ingredients to be safe on sensitive, irritated skin.

1. Soak a cotton pad and sweep over face.

2. Gently pat for full absorption.

Aloe Vera Extract
- Moisture retaining agent widely used for cosmetics and food industry.
- Traditional hydrating solution used for centuries to relieve skin problems such as dry, chapped skin or sun burns and heat rashes.

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