Dante One by One Lash Definer 1ea

$23.00 $26.00
A mascara light as a feather but with high precision to create naturally curled clear-looking eyes.

- This mascara is light and refreshing with a soft, matte shine to create a natural look.
- This product has a delicate, natural finish without any artificial shine or the sticking of eyelashes when used.
- Thie mascara was developed using a tightly adhering, firmly fixing gel formula to express a dramatic curl and volumized lashes.
- This product is created with a waterproof, oil-proof formula that does not smudge but removed without irritation when using a lip & eye cleanser.

  1. Brush through your eyelashes in a zigzag motion from the roots to the tips.
  2. Apply lightly to enhance volume and natural length.

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