The Phi Essential

The Phi Cica Beta Ampoule to Foam Cleanser 200ml

A moist ampoule-to-foam with Super Centella and Betaine cleanses thoroughly with a dense, slightly acidic bubble.

- This foam cleanser contains betaine, which helps control oil and water balance by preventing water loss.

- This product contains betaine and allantoin, so it acts gentle on sensitive skin.

- This foam cleanser is created using a hydrating ampoule type formula that leaves moisture and cleanses the dense bubbles.

- This product is a new concept cleanser that combines only the advantages of anionic surfactants with excellent cleaning power and nonionic surfactants with low skin irritation.

1. Bare face: Take an appropriate amount on your hand, foam it enough, massage your face gently, and rinse it with lukewarm water.

2. Makeup: Apply an appropriate amount to the skin that is not wet, melt the makeup gently like a massage, and roll it to create a rich foam with lukewarm water. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water


- Betaine is a humectant that keeps the skin hydrated and plump for a youthful appearance.

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