The Phi Essential

The Phi Sunflower Cleansing Oil 200ml

A moist cleansing oil that doesn't leave any residue and helps cleanse.

- This cleansing oil is created with a very clean formula, that effectively removes makeup and wastes.

- This product is created with ingredients that moisturize and gently protect dry, damaged skin and help with cleansing.

- This cleansing oil contains 22% of light and nonstick sweet almond oil, which cleans pores and energizes the skin.

- This product is a wash type that dissolves well in water and has a triple deep cleansing effect.

1. Apply the cleansing oil to dry skin.

2. Dissolve makeup and impurities through gentle massage.

3. Massage with water until it turns milky and rinse with lukewarm water.

* Shake before use.

Sunflower Seed Oil

- Sunflower Seed Oil hydrates the skin and helps to remove dead skin cells.

Sweet Almond Oil

- Sweet Almond Oil improves the complexion and tone while moisturizing the skin.

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