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A Sheet Mask a Day, Keeps the Skin Problems Away

by Abby C. on August 25, 2021

After a long day at work or school, it is always nice to wind down with a nice… sheet mask! Not only is it an incredible way to practice self care and spend some quality time for yourself, it is also an essential part of the Korean 10-step skincare routine!

The benefits are countless! Here are some of the reasons why you should add a sheet mask to your daily skincare routine:

  1. Using a sheet mask locks in moisture without clogging pores. By doing so, the hydration of the skin is retained. Hydrated skin is necessary when trying to retain healthy skin. It is the building block and key to healthy skin.
  2. Sheet masks are an affordable addition to any skincare routine to spice things up once in a while! Adding a sheet mask to your regular skincare routine does not cost that much and trust us, your skin will thank you.
  3. The final (and perhaps most important) reason is that sheet masks hydrate the skin like no other.

Now that we know the reason why we should add a sheet mask to our daily routine, let’s get down to business and answer the most common question: Which mask should be used? We totally get it. That is why we got you covered with the 1-Week Solution Facial Mask Set!

On Monday, start the week right with the Swanicoco Cica Peptide Mask, a hypoallergenic sheet mask that hydrates your skin to get it in tip-top shape for the week!

On Tuesday, use the Bonajour Extreme Moisture Mask to make sure your skin gets the moisturization and care it needs to be glowing the next day.

Use the Therapy Air Mask #Collagen on Wednesday as a midweek pick-me-up that will boost up collagen levels to increase skin elasticity.

The Propolis Essential Mask is essential for Thursday, when you need the extra boost to help you get through the end-of-the-week blues.

Friday, Friday, gotta get down with a sheet mask on Friday! The MadeCera Real Red Mask will help soothe your skin from all the stress it has gotten during the week and get your skin ready for the weekend!

Over the weekend, spend some time out for yourself with sheet masks, of course! You can even read a book or watch a movie without the mask sliding down with the Silicone Moisturizing Mask to keep your mask in place. Isn’t it wonderful? With that being said, spend Saturday with the Logically Skin Aquatide Soothing & Lifting Mask to provide nourishment and hydration to your skin. (Maybe binge watch Grey’s Anatomy and paint your nails too!)

Finish off the weekend with THE REAL Noni Energy Ampoule Mask from Celimax and get your skin ready for another great week! This sheet mask instantly moisturizes and seals the skin to enhance the absorption of active ingredients in the formula. This sheet mask will give your skin the energy it needs to endure throughout the week.

In addition to this incredible set, your friends at Coreelle have heard the voices of millions with skin concerns. We have created four sheet mask sets that are catered to the needs of those with certain skin concerns!

The Hydrating & Revitalizing Facial Mask Set is perfect for those with dry skin that needs the extra hydration.

The Acne & Sebum Controlling Facial Mask Set is made up of sheet masks that will help control your acne and sebum production.

Are you concerned about dull skin? Perhaps the Brightening Facial Mask Set is the set for you! It will help you get rid of dull skin and give you the stunning skin everyone wants!

As we age, we see signs like wrinkles and dry skin. Get rid of signs of aging and rediscover youthful skin with the Anti-Aging Facial Mask Set!

TL;DR: We handpicked only the best sheet masks because we truly care about your skin. Say “hello” to flawless skin by using one mask a day!

What are some ways you like to practice self-care? Let us know in the comments below!


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