Calm Your Mind With Hue_Calm!

by Abby C. on July 06, 2022

Imagine walking through a forest after a storm. The raindrops glistening on the leaves and the smell of trees wafting across the forest give off a calm, refreshing feeling that only nature can give. In this busy day and age, we try to look for ways to find a place that will calm and soothe our mind… and of course our skin! Hue_Calm is the perfect brand that incorporates both of the needs of the busy people of modern society.

Even Hue_Calm’s name shows its philosophy in a nutshell. “Hue” comes from the sigh of relief that one makes when resting. The “_ (underscore)” represents the silence of a peaceful forest. “Calm” derives from tranquility for the weary body and soul.

Here is a skincare routine using the gentle, calming products of Hue_Calm that you can use today to bring peace to your skin and mind!

Gentle cleansing is always a good way to begin a skincare routine and this one is no different. Hue_Calm’s Coconut Moisturizing Cleansing Balm and Heartleaf Calming Cleansing Foam will give your skin a gentle cleansing session. But don’t let the gentleness fool you! Even though they do not contain any artificial ingredients or surfactants, they help to cleanse deeply and clear away any dirt and impurities from the day.


Follow up with the Waterful Refining Toner Pads. Already soaked in a gentle kombucha infused toner, these pads are what one needs to calm and hydrate the skin. These toner pads provide deep hydration and nourishment for the skin to leave the skin glowy.

Then, use a sheet mask to help your skin. Available in three different kinds, Hue_Calm allows the user to choose a sheet mask based on their skin concern. Created with all-natural ingredients, one can be assured that their skin is in good hands. The Pine Bud Brightening Mask is ideal for those with dull skin and need something to brighten their complexions. The Cica Soothing Mask is great for those who have sensitive, irritated skin that needs to be soothed. The Birch Hydrating Mask is excellent for those who need to hydrate their skin deeply.


Use the Waterful Calming Serum to allow your skin to rest after a long way. This “waterful” serum provides the skin with deep hydration and calms the skin as it does. This serum alleviates the discomfort from dry, tight skin, leaving the skin dewy and youthful.

Finally, use a cream to finish off this routine. Hue_Calm has two creams that can be used according to the concern that you have for your skin. The Vegan Phyto Firming Cream is great for those who are looking for an anti-aging cream that will help bring youth back to your skin without harsh ingredients. The Waterful Barrier Cream helps to create a healthy skin barrier by providing the skin with deep hydration and nourishing the skin barrier at all levels.


Hue_Calm wants to be there for you to be the calming forest for both your skin and mind. Check out Hue_Calm today at Coréelle and give your skin and mind the peace of mind they deserve.


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