Go Green with Beauty Products that are Clean

by Abby C. on September 06, 2021

Who said beauty can’t be clean? There is no better time than now to switch up your skincare routine to something more green!

Today, we are going to introduce two brands, House of Dohwa and Audrey & Young! Both brands strive to bring out the best in clean beauty with excellent products that are not only good for your skin, but are also good for the environment!

Let’s start by talking about the House of Dohwa.

You may remember our article on the ancient secret to flawless skin, rice! In the article, we discussed some of the products from the House of Dohwa, which were all rice-based. Did you know that the products from the House of Dohwa are green as well? Not only do these incredible skincare products reintroduce the Korean traditional skincare methods into the world, House of Dohwa makes skin care methods suitable to the contemporary world by being all-natural, vegan, and green.

The Rice Bran Toner is a product that got many falling in love with rice! Made with nine types of locally grown rice bran extract and farmed using traditional methods, the rice bran is nourished by Korea's wind, sunlight, and water to pass the nutrition directly to the skin.

Give your skin the love it deserves with the Peach Blossom Overnight Mask! This overnight mask will regenerate and restore your skin as you catch your z’s.

You can try all the excellent products from the House of Dohwa with the Thrice the Rice Kit! The Thrice the Rice Kit consists of a toner, moisturizer, and a wipe-off mask to provide you all the products you need to get healthy, glowing skin.

Audrey & Young promises solutions to prolong youth and beautiful moments by providing us with pristine vegan products that bring a balanced, healthy mind.

Their extensive vegan products all prove to be excellent and their philosophy of representing individuality is expressed by their unique, colorful designs.

We would like to introduce the Hi-Vegan Earth Line. The Hi-Vegan Earth Line from Audrey & Young consists of hypoallergenic products that are vegan and made of EWG green grade ingredients. The toner and moisturizer come in a less colorful packaging. Instead, the Hi-Vegan Earth products take pride in their unique hyaluronic acid. Unlike the hyaluronic acid of other brands that usually come from non-vegan resources, the hyaluronic acid of Hi-Vegan Earth products derive from soil! (Cool, huh?)

The Hi-Vegan Earth Water Toner is the perfect toner for anyone who is looking for a vegan toner and that can provide deep moisturization while giving the skin a refreshing feeling. In addition, the sticker of the label on the bottle is easily removable, making it a breeze to recycle!

The Hi-Vegan Earth Water Cream is perfect for anyone seeking deep moisturization that does not leave a residue when used. Along with moisturization, this cream leaves a cool feeling to the skin and balances the skin. On top of that, the words on the tube are printed using soy ink, making it perfect for anyone who is environmentally conscious!

All these clean beauty products are available at Coreelle! Don’t forget to add your favorites to cart when you shop today!

TL;DR: Give your skin and the environment all the love they both deserve by going green with skincare products that are clean! Your skin and Mother Earth will thank you for it!

What is your favorite clean beauty product?


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