Shhh! It's the Secret to Great Skin!

by Abby C. on July 01, 2021

(Shh…I wanna know if I tell you a secret, will you keep it? ) The secret that the Joseon women and men knew, for their beautiful skin, was using rice to cleanse their faces. For centuries, rice was used as an essential ingredient in beauty for the people of Joseon. It was the anecdotal wisdom of cleansing with rice, passed down for generations, which allowed for these people to have porcelain-like skin. It even surprised the western missionaries when they first came to Korea!

During the Joseon Dynasty, people put rice in little tea bags and used it to soak out the rice water. Another way was to use rice water from rinsing rice. It was said that it has brightening and cleansing effects on the skin, to make one’s face brighter looking.

They were correct. Recently, it was scientifically proven that rice has deep cleansing properties, which give you the beautiful, bright skin that you have always dreamed of. In addition, rice is deemed to be safe when used for cleansing and exfoliating. Both of which are really important when it comes to having healthy skin, can be obtained with the one secret ingredient that the people of Joseon knew about: rice.

As we move into the modern age, the effects of rice on skin have been studied to find more benefits of using rice as an ingredient for cleansing. Rice has been found to be plentiful in antioxidants, which have anti-aging properties by enhancing skin elasticity and tightness. It is also found to be soothing for those with UV-induced skin damage and eczema patients. With scientific evidence backing up the benefits, interest in rice as an ingredient for skincare has been gaining momentum.

Dohwagain incorporates the beauty of both traditional and contemporary knowledge. Rather than creating an exact replica of what was used by the people of Joseon, Dohwagain uses the fundamentals of their wisdom and puts them together with contemporary knowledge. Dohwagain aims to apply the wisdom of the ancestors and re-introduce them in a modern context to be more fitting for today’s world.

Dohwagain places emphasis on the traditional aspects of rice in skincare, which makes Dohwagain really stand out from the crowd. Even the brand design was inspired by Korean traditional ink paintings! Using modern pen-drawing techniques to recreate the traditional paintings, the design shows exactly what Dohwagain wants to do.

The rice used in the skincare products are all locally grown in Korea. Also, Dohwagain does not condone the modern methodologies of rice farming, which utilize pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and plastics. Instead, Dohwagain brings back the traditional ways of farming used by our ancestors. This method makes the rice, that goes in Dohwagain products, to be locally, ethically grown, here in Korea. In addition, the rice products are all vegan and cruelty free, so you can be sure you are not harming yourself or anyone else while enjoying these amazing products.

The Dohwagain Rice Bran toner is suited for those with damaged, dry, or sensitive skin. The skin absorbs this toner quickly, allowing for the skin to be deeply nourished and hydrated. It soothes and moisturizes the skin, which has been damaged by external influences. The formula is rich in nutrients, which strengthens the moisture barrier of the skin.

The Rice Bran Facial Moisturizer is a must-have for those with combination, rough, or undernourished skin. This moisturizer hydrates and soothes the skin deeply. The formula has a wax and oil network, which provides further nutrients to the skin. The all natural formula is rich in clean ingredients that care for the skin by building a strong moisture barrier.

The Wash-off Mask is the remedy for those with dull skin that is in need of exfoliation. Unlike many of the popular rice masks on the market, this has real rice grains that gently scrub the skin. This is based on a traditional method of face washing used by aristocrats to brighten and hydrate the skin. The moisture-packed formula gets the job done and leaves the skin glowing.


Dohwgain’s Thrice the Rice set is perfect for gifts for people of all ages for all occasions! As mentioned before, rice has been found to have anti-aging properties. This means, no more wrinkles! It’s perfect for those with family or friends who are worried about their age showing. Thrice the Rice is a one-stop set made up of the essential products from Dohwagain. The toner, moisturizer, and wash-off facial mask are the key steps to getting great results. Gift the secret to porcelain skin to your favorite people today!

Or treat yourself to a set and become a “Dohwagain”! A person who is as beautiful as peach blossoms!

Rice is not just the perfect side dish, it is also the best stuff for skin! Try out the rice skincare products and see what the bustle is all about!

TL;DR: Rice is the secret behind nice skin. It is what the people of Joseon knew for centuries to give them the beautiful porcelain skin coveted by all! Although the path to beautiful, healthy skin might seem difficult, it is made easy with Dohwagain!

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by Raymondabant on December 08, 2023

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Фантастическая история братьев Стругацких заставляет задуматься о многом. Зло заразительно, и сражаясь с чудовищами, важно самому не потерять человеческий облик. Роман читается на одном дыхании. Есть в нем и искрометный юмор, и приключенческий авантюризм, и элемент философской притчи. При этом простота изложения и увлекательный сюжет делают произведение Стругацких универсальным, популярным и многослойным. Каждое следующее прочтение позволяет открыть для себя что-то новое.
Эта книга заставляет становиться лучше и человечнее, позволяет посмотреть со стороны на человеческие слабости. В ней скрыт удивительный и таинственный импульс, который побуждает к изменениям.


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