It's "New"... It's "KAINE"!

by Abby C. on July 27, 2023
Created with coexistence and sustainability in mind, KAINE is a 100% vegan brand that is suitable for all lifestyles. KAINE selects natural vegan ingredients that have proven stability and are effective for the skin with the perfect formulation.

KAINE aims to refresh your mind as well as skincare by having a sincere attitude towards their products. KAINE acknowledges the importance of the environment and uses upcycles to create packaging. Recycled glass and plastic bottles are transformed into beautiful packaging material.

We want to celebrate the launch of this “new” brand (psst… KAINE means “new” in Greek), with a 20% off promotion. Take a peek at some of our favorites :

Green Fit Pro Sun

A sunscreen that provides perfect UV protection despite heavy sweat.
Kombu Balancing Ampoule Toner

A toner with soothing and moisturizing functions in just one single product.
Rosemary Relief Gel Cleanser

A cleanser with added BHA ingredients to help remove sebum and reduce acne.


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