Looking for the perfect gift? Dearon is here to save the day!

by Abby C. on April 26, 2023
Mother’s Day is just around the corner and if you are still looking for the perfect gift, Dearon is here to save the day! Dearon’s fragrances are created using gentle formulations that help soothe the soul. Help mom relax from the chaos with a candle or incense from Dearon.

Here are our picks to help mom relax :
Dearon Candle Set (Muguet + Carousel)

A soft fragrance that reminds one of a walk through the woods after the rain and a candle carousel.
Dearon Berry Incense Cone

A set of incense cones made of raspberries and ylang ylang fragrances for a sweet scent.
Dearon Warm Vanilla Incense Stick

A set of incense sticks made of vanilla and ginger fragrances for a sweet, warm scent.
Dearon Crescent Incense Holder (Silver)

An incense holder that is designed to safely hold your incense and make sure the ashes do not get elsewhere.

Get our picks and more from Coréelle and show mom how much you appreciate her!

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