One for You and One for Your Bestie!

by Abby C. on February 17, 2022

Last week, we talked about aesthetically pleasing, skincare products made with excellent ingredients you would give your friend (or yourself) as a gift. This week, we want to move away from the topic of skincare and talk about other beauty products that will make great gifts any time of the year.


These amazing shampoo and treatment bars are created with a vegan blend of natural plant-based oil that provides hair with the exfoliation and cleansing it needs to stay healthy when used together. Created with the user and environment in mind, innovation is the word that we want to use to describe these products. The arch shape of the soap prevents it from slipping out of your hand when in use and is gentle on the eyes. The plastic-free, sustainable packaging is just the cherry on top, making these the “logical” choice for hair. Trust us. Your hair, friend, and Mother Nature will all thank you!


Keep your breath fresh and your teeth healthy with Dr.Pauhls toothpaste. With unique flavors you cannot find anywhere else that will keep you covered for different oral concerns, Dr.Pauhls toothpaste is the ultimate toothpaste for you and all your loved ones.


Give the Euphoria girls a run for their money with the most colorful makeup looks! VYVYD Studio has you covered with the trendiest selection of colors. There is no color under the sun that cannot be recreated by VYVYD. Express your creativity with all the shades you need to become Picasso.

Accompany the gift of your choice with the Pumpkin Wash Off Facial Mask from House of Dohwa! This versatile mask is not only great for your face, but it works wonders reducing the size of bruises and swelling of your feet on days when you have tiptoeing around in heels all day. (Remember, you will get two, so you can keep one for yourself too!)

Sometimes just telling your best friend about your holy grail product is not enough! Get the products you love (and one for your friend too), for the price of one! Get yours today here.


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