“Quit” in Silence… Let Your Glowy Skin Make the Noise : Quiet Quitting Your Skincare Routine

by Abby C. on December 28, 2022
As popular as the phrase is nowadays, “quiet quitting” is a real thing in the workplace. The term, popularized by Zaid Khan in a TikTok video, refers to setting boundaries at work and only doing the work that one is supposed to do. Afterall, as Khan beautifully phrases it in their video, Work is NOT your life. Your worth is not defined by your productive output.”

This term has “quietly” (see what we did there?) made its way to the beauty industry and it seems to be here to kickstart the new year. Trends come and go and people have noticed that not all trends resonate with them. A routine that works for you does not have to follow what the latest ingredient is on TikTok or what your favorite celeb has been using. There is no need to hop on the bandwagon of the latest trend and quiet quitting your skincare routine is a solution.

Simply put, quiet quitting your skincare routine consists of only using the essential products of a skincare routine that works for you. This week’s skincare routine is a minimalist routine that will allow you to get real results without any “fluff”.

Bonajour : Rice Bran Cleansing Oil
Pretty girlies don’t gatekeep and double cleansing is the secret behind clear skin! Even for those considering to quiet quit their skincare, don’t forget to double cleanse. Try this cleansing oil from Bonajour for a light, refreshing cleansing experience.
House of Dohwa : Rice Bran Powder Wash
Don’t hate, exfoliate! This powder wash from House of Dohwa has amazing exfoliating and brightening properties on top of the cleansing properties. This is the perfect cleanser for this routine as it helps to take care of all your skincare needs with just one single product.
Skin&Lab : Vitamin C Brightening Serum
It’s always a good idea to add an active ingredient to your skincare routine and vitamin C is one of the best to add. Not only does it help with anti-aging and brightening your skin at night, but it also is besties with SPF, making it a must in the morning too.
The Potions : Gel Cream Mixer
Follow up with The Potions Gel Cream Mixer to help keep everything in place. This lightweight cica cream has a gel-like texture to make it less sticky compared to other creams and lotions.
PH Hubby : 1g Sun Cream Intensive Protection [1g*50ea Stick type]
Always remember, SPF is your BFF! PH Hubby’s SPF comes in perfectly pre-measured sachet packets for you to just apply and enjoy your life.

Skincare is NOT your life.Your worth is not defined by the number of products that you use. Keep your routine minimal and keep your skin glowy while spending more time doing the things you love. Get the products discussed in today’s article and more, only at Coréelle!

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by PRmrARsKHJOFqW on January 14, 2023



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