Say Hello to Slugging: The Trendiest Skincare Routine!

by Abby C. on August 18, 2021

Slugging is the latest skincare trend that many swear by. In this article, we will discuss all things slugging. If you had questions about what it is, the methodology, and its effects, you have just clicked on the right post!

What exactly is slugging?

In essence, slugging is putting a petroleum-based coat on your skin overnight. Naturally, our skin has a mixture of lipids and water, keeping our skin soft and healthy. However, when the outermost layer of the skin becomes dry, our skin fails to do what it is supposed to do: act as a protective barrier.

This is where the petroleum jelly works its magic. The thick ointment acts as an occlusive and keeps the skin moisturized while forming a barrier to retain the moisture. This is important as the lack of a protective epidermal barrier makes skin prone to inflammation and sensitivity.

Don’t forget to cleanse!

Cleansing is a critical part of any skincare routine. It is important to cleanse gently but thoroughly, especially at night. Throughout the day, dead skin cells, dirt, oil, and other nasty things accumulate on your skin. Unfortunately, not getting all the gunk out before bed can cause clogged pores and damage throughout the night. Additionally, the skin can lose its pH balance to create dull-looking, fatigued skin. The solution is a nice cleanser that will get everything out gently and help to retain a healthy pH balance.

The Potions: Cica Gentle Facial Cleanser

Like the name suggests, this facial cleanser is incredibly gentle to the skin. But don’t let its gentle nature fool you! It gets all the gunk out of your skin and balances the pH of your skin.

Add a bit of hydration!

We recommend using hyaluronic acid at this step. Most of the hyaluronic acid in the body is present on the skin. The hydrophilic properties lead it to bind with moisture and retain moisture. When used on skin, hyaluronic acid serums can significantly diminish wrinkles and redness, to create youthful looking skin.

The Potions: Hyaluronic Acid Ampoule

This is a one-step, convenient solution to all your hyaluronic acid needs. This ampoule is a simple way to add the hyaluronic acid your skin craves into your slugging routine.

Celimax: Dual Barrier Creamy Toner, Dual Barrier Skin Boosting Serum

Perhaps you’re looking for an excellent two-step addition to your slugging routine. The Dual Barrier Creamy Toner and Dual Barrier Skin Boosting Serum are the perfect products. By containing five different ceramides in their formula, the skin’s oil-moisture balance is maintained on top of all the effects of hyaluronic acid.

Seal with a light coat!

Lock in all the good stuff with a petroleum-based ointment. Use only a small amount as an excessive amount can cause clogged pores and irritate your skin. Plus, using too much can leave a gross slime trail on your bed as you catch your z’s. You should only use approximately a pea sized amount to create a thin layer on your face.

Beauty Sleep!

I bet Sleeping Beauty had amazing skin! According to scientific research, sleep is necessary for great skin. New collagen is formed in the skin while we sleep, to prevent sagging and wrinkles. Additionally, circulation is improved and cells are regenerated while we snooze, making sleep a priceless addition to our nighttime skincare routine.

A good night’s rest with a nice slugging routine creates that flawless skin we have always dreamed of. With that thin layer of petroleum jelly, transepidermal loss of moisture is reduced throughout the night to result in hydrated, glowing skin in the morning.

Wash Off!

Waking up is difficult in the morning, but perhaps waking up to gorgeous skin can be a motivating factor to help you jumpstart your day. Make sure to wash off the thin layer of the petroleum-based ointment with a light cleanser. Use The Potions: Cica Gentle Facial Cleanser to gently erase the layer. The addition of centella in the cleanser will add moisture to the skin to allow for a great start for your morning skincare routine, which we recommend carrying out as normal.

In Conclusion…

Maybe you came across slugging while scrolling through your FYP page on TikTok or flipping through forums on Reddit. We hope that this article can help you take that first step to try slugging without the struggle of contemplating on the how. To make shopping easier, all the products we recommend are available at, the one and only, Coreelle!

Let us know in the comments if you would try slugging!


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