Skip Care: 5 Mix-Your-Own Skincare Hacks to Simplify Your Routine

by Abby C. on April 16, 2020

If you follow a twice-a-day, multi-step Korean skincare regimen you know how time-consuming it can be. Sometimes, the rigid multi-step process isn’t very practical — especially those mornings when all you want is a few more minutes of precious sleep.

A general misconception is that having as many steps as possible will help you achieve great skin. The Korean skincare regimen is famously 10 steps, though some people take it to as many as 18 steps!

But, the amount of steps you take isn't what's important. What's actually important is catering your routine and products to your needs. Although there are a lot of benefits to having many steps in your regimen; there are easy ways to reap those rewards while simplifying your routine.

Enter: Skip Care

The new K-Beauty trend on the rise. Skip care is the answer to our calls for a more simplified yet effective approach to skincare. Skip care is all about being receptive to your skin's current condition. Then customizing your routine accordingly.

A fun way to go about implementing skip care in your routine is with a mix-your-own product approach. Skin care mixology, or "cocktailing", is a simple way to save time and target your specific concerns.

If you want to give skip care a go, try a few of the hacks listed below to simplify and customize your routine.

Hack #1

Toner + Essence/Ampoule

In theory, a multi-layered routine is great. But we don't always have the time or patience to layer on so many products. On days you want to skimp out on your morning routine, try pouring your usual amount of toner into your palm. Then add a few drops of your favorite essence or ampoule. Mix them together and gently pat on your face until absorbed. This way you get to reap the benefits of your favorite toner, essences, or ampoules without adding extra steps.

Hack #2

Ampoule + Moisturizer

Ampoules are super-charged boosters that target very specific skin concerns. As they are highly concentrated, they're the perfect solution to any sort of skin crisis. Mixing a few drops of your favorite ampoule into your moisturizer can help boost its effects on your skin, while speeding up your skincare regimen. This is one of our favorite hacks here at Coréelle. It saves you time, targets your top skin concern, and helps you wake up with glowing skin the next morning.

Hack #3

Facial Oil Serum + Moisturizer

If you have dry or dull skin, especially during winter, this will keep your complexion glowing and hydrated through the day. An oil serum and moisturizer combo is the go-to when you want to keep your skin hydrated. Mix 2-3 drops of an oil serum with your moisturizer and smooth onto your skin. The fun part is playing around with different oil serums and creams to create the perfect blend for you. For example, I like to add jojoba oil to my moisturizer. It helps replenish my skin with vital antioxidants and nutrients, while retaining moisture.

Hack #4

DIY Sheet Mask

Skip out on packaged sheet masks once in a while and try creating your own DIY sheet mask. With a DIY sheet mask, you can combine your favorite essences, ampoules, and serums to mix in. Making your own sheet mask is actually super easy and cost-effective. All you need is a cotton sheet mask, or "compression mask", which are small pellets that expand in liquid.

  • Mix up a combination of your favorite products in a small container.
  • Lay the sheet mask in the mixture until the mask puffs up.
  • Unfurl and place on your face.
  • Leave on for 15-20 minutes.
  • Pat any remaining product onto your face until absorbed.

Hack #5

Essence / Ampoule / Serum + Foundation

With all the mixing and customization, your skin should be in great condition, and now you're left with the perfect base for makeup. But is your foundation starting to feel a bit cakey too? Top makeup artists in Korea use this hack for glowing, natural looking dewiness in makeup. Depending on the consistency you're going for, blend a few drops of either a serum, ampoule, or essence into your liquid foundation. Then apply onto your face with a brush or blending tool. This helps create a radiant finish and ensures your foundation doesn't become dry or cakey throughout the day.

Bottom Line

Our day-to-day life is getting busier and busier. Skip care helps those of us who don't have the time or energy to go through a complicated skin care routine. Taking a mix-your-own approach is a fun and easy way to skip steps in your routine. Switch things up and customize products according to how your skin feels each day.

Both a multi-layered and skip care routine can have great benefits to your skin. One isn't better than the other. It all comes down to preference. It's crucial to take the time to understand your skin and lifestyle needs and base a routine around that.


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