Take Beauty Slow With Efilow!

by Abby C. on July 17, 2022
Take it slow… Take life slow… Take beauty slow. That is the philosophy of efilow. efilow believes that beauty is not what others from the outside claim it to be, but rather an internal quest. Achieving authentic beauty might take longer or even shorter than expected, making the process an ambiguous journey of self-discovery.

The name of the brand describes their philosophy well. “efil” is the word life written backwards while the “ow” is taken from the word slow. Mindfulness and sustainability are the key words that they abide by. efilow harnesses this philosophy to be the basis of their products as they create products that do not harm either humans or the environment by creating vegan, clean beauty products. However, don’t let the gentleness fool you! Their products give optimal results, despite the gentle formula.

With this in mind, we introduce efilow as a new addition to the Coréelle family.
The Hearleaf Biome Facial Soap from efilow is a bar soap that not only thoroughly cleanses the skin, but also calms the skin and allows the skin to be clear and soothed when used. This bar soap boosts the inherent strength of the skin by restoring the skin barrier and balancing the skin to create skin that is strong and withstanding against the harsh environment.
The Heartleaf Biome Balancing Toner is made with Himalayan heartleaf and Jeju vegan biome to create balanced skin and a strengthened skin barrier. This toner allows the user to truly experience authentic slow beauty by soothing the skin.

Available in pouches with a simple, yet gorgeous design, the line of sheet masks are catered to suit the lifestyle of mindful living. The Silky Gardening Sheet Mask is perfect for all plant moms and dads. These sheet masks are designed to nourish the skin and create a balanced skin texture. The Calming Mindfulness Sheet Mask is suited for anyone who is looking for a way to calm sensitive skin that has been irritated due to external factors. This sheet mask allows for the user to experience a calming self-care session at the end of the day. The Hydrating Teaism Sheet Mask is like a cup of tea for your skin. Allow your skin to drink up a whole cup for some quiet downtime and a brighter complexion.

efilow’s incredible line of ampoules are excellent for all skin types. They are created with unique ingredients to allow for the experience of slow beauty that does not cause harm to either the skin or the environment. The Artichoke Biome Calming Ampoule provides the skin with vitamins and cynarin to help soothe skin that has been irritated by the outside world. The Jericho Rose Biome Hydrating Ampoule provides the skin with excellent, deep hydration and moisture retention properties from the inside out to keep the skin healthy.

Our personal favorite has got to be the Chaga Mushroom Biome Smoothing Ampoule! This incredible ampoule is perfect for those with rough skin texture, looking for a way to improve the texture to create skin soft as a baby’s! This is the perfect ampoule for the summer as it improves the regenerating properties of the skin to improve skin that has been damaged by UV rays while having fun in the sun. Additionally, this ampoule nourishes and moisturizes the skin to make it look as if you had a good night’s rest every night!

The Heartleaf Biome Hydra-Calming Cream soothes the skin and provides deep hydration by moisturizing the skin from the inside out, allowing for long lasting hydration.This also allows for the slowing of visible aging signs and a stronger skin barrier.

Did any of the products today catch your eye? Check out efilow and more at Coréelle and don’t forget to snag them!

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