What’s their secret? KSECRET!

by Abby C. on September 21, 2023
Say goodbye to wrinkles and shine today instead. KSECRET’s line of hydrogel eye patches are miracle products that help to get rid of the wrinkles and fine lines when used. Unlike other hydrogel patches on the market, KSECRET’s hydrogel patches come in different shapes and sizes to be fit for multiple areas, not just the undereyes.

You only need three steps to care for your skin with these easy-to-use, convenient hydrogel patches. Using the spatula that comes with the patches, place the patches before applying your favorite moisturizer or cream. Leave the patches on for 20 - 30 minutes and remove the patches, and do not forget to pat the remaining essence for full absorption.

Available in three different types, Caffeine, Vitamin C, and Retinol, KSECRET’s hydrogel patches are formulated with high-quality ingredients to improve your skin.


A set of caffeine-enriched skin calming hydrogel patches with depuffing, hydrating, and cooling properties when used.
Vitamin C

A set of vitamin C-enriched brightening hydrogel patches that brighten dark circles with deeply hydrating and soothing properties.

A set of retinol-enriched, skin-firming hydrogel patches with deep hydrating and nourishing properties.

Don’t forget to get your own set of KSECRET hydrogel patches and make it your KSECRET for glowing skin.


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