You deserve some TEA L C with Tea Collective

by Abby C. on December 21, 2022
Tea Collective is back and ready to help to give your hands and body the TEA L C they deserve. Indulge in an aromatic experience while you wash your hands, body, and soul.

Available in two fragrances, Tea Collective’s new line of hand wash, body wash, body cream, and hand cream, allows you to plunge into aromatic bliss.

Artemis is named after the Greek goddess, who the main ingredient of this blend, mugwort (artemisia), was named after. This luxurious herbal blend allows you to enjoy mugwort, rosemary, and eucalyptus. Junos is named after Citric Junos, which is the scientific name for yuzu, the main ingredient of the blend. A refreshing scent blend of yuzu, perilla leaves, and mint, don’t be surprised when you find yourself feeling recharged.

Only the biggest battle since Twilight (anyone else Team Edward?), we want to ask, are you Team Artemis or Team Junos?
Formulated with shea butter these hand creams are what you need to keep your hands soft and velvety. Not only will your hands feel as smooth as baby skin, but the unique fragrances will have you feeling calm and relaxed.

Get yours today and more at Corelle!

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