Mediterranean GREEN MINT(7gx14)

$13.00 $14.00
A detoxing and depuffing soluble powder that helps to get negativity right out of your system.

- This powder helps to depuff and detox your system and leaves the body feeling refreshed and light.

- This product has a healthy, refreshing vitamin water-like taste when consumed and gives off the effect of 2 hours of running.

- This powder is made of 7 ingredients derived from nature rather than artificial ingredients that other powders on the market use to be made.

- This product contains 0g of fat and provides the body with 2g of dietary fiber when consumed.

Mix 1 sachet (7g) with 500ml of water and drink after mixing.


- Peppermint relieves digestive symptoms and improves the colon to help with the detoxing of the body.

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