Cicapair Serum 50ml
Cicapair Serum 50ml
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    Cicapair Serum 50ml

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    A facial serum that improves and treats redness and blemishes on skin.

    - Melts and spreads like water as soon as it touches the skin.

    - Has a “moisture holding network” that creates an occluding barrier to provide moisture and soothe the skin.

    - Soothes skin irritation and secures moisture to keep the skin hydrated.

    - High levels of moisture allows for deep hydration and softening of the skin

    1. At the first stage of skincare routine (both day and night), take a moderate amount with the spoid and apply to the entire face.
    2. Lightly wrap hands around your face for better absorption.

    Centella RX™

    - High concentration of centella asiatica and herbal ingredients.

    - Allows for the recovery and calming of distressed, sensitive skin.


    - Helps to improve skin elasticity.

    - Reduces transepidermal water loss and enhances skin nourishment.


    - Helps to improve skin regeneration and repair by replenishing the lipids of damaged skin to strengthen the skin barrier.

    - Protects the skin against pathogenic organisms to help prevent inflammation.

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