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My Lash Serum 9g

$5.99 $9.00
A lash and brow serum that promotes the appearance of thicker-, fuller-looking lashes and brows.

- Easy to use and comfortable daily eyelash serum with biotin.

- Biotin is an essential component that supports hair health, which is also used in shampoo and supplements.

- The product has been upgraded to a clear, transparent formula that absorbs into the skin without stickiness.

- Mascara brush is used as an applicator, a screw brush type which delivers the serum to the eyelashes and deeply upon the roots thoroughly.

  1. After night skincare routine, apply and brush the serum from the lash roots towards the tips of your lashes.

    *Be careful and avoid the content from entering your eyes.


- Strengthen hair health

Clean base

- Transparent formula

Mascara Applicator type

- Deliver the serum to the eyelashes deeply and thoroughly.

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