1g Sun Cream Intensive Protection [1g*50ea Stick type]

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A sunscreen packaged in individual pouches with 1 gram of sunscreen to make the application of sunscreen convenient.

- This sunscreen is individually packaged in pouches containing the scientifically ideal amount of sunscreen, which is 1 gram, to protect the skin without hassle.

- This product is great for those who need to bring sunscreen on the go or have difficulties measuring out the right amount of sunscreen needed per application.

- This sunscreen is formulated with skincare ingredients that helps to moisturize the skin barrier without leaving behind a white cast or dryness when applied.

- This product does not feel greasy when applied onto the skin and does not leave the skin feeling tacky.

  1. Take one of the single-use packets and tear along the tear line.
  2. Squeeze out the product and apply onto the areas that will be exposed to the sun.


- Propolis extract helps strengthen the skin's protective barrier, soothe and replenish dull, exhausted skin.
- Propolis has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce redness, inflammation and blemishes.
- Propolis is rich in antioxidant properties that help deeply soothe and smooth damaged skin, further preventing signs of aging.

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