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NACIFIC Tasty Box (Photo card OT8 Set)

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A box full of Nacific's skincare know-hows to keep your skin happy and healthy day and night!

- This set consists of products that were exclusively curated by Nacific to celebrate its 8th Anniversary.
- This set is part of a collaboration project between Nacific and SKZ and comes with a set of <My Diary> themed photo cards to complete your collection.
- This set consists of the following products :

Nacific Fresh Herb Origin Eye Cream 30ml

- An eye cream that provides special care for the wrinkles and dull skin around the eyes.

Nacific Fresh Herb Origin Sun Block 50ml

- A sunblock designed with SPF nomads who have not settled on their sunblock yet, this is it!

Nacific Day&Night Set

- A duo of your favorite Nacific serums that make the perfect additions to any skincare routine.

Nacific Salicylic Acid Clarifying Mask Pack

- A sheet mask that helps to treat recurring breakouts on your skin before it is too late.

Nacific Vita Ceramide Moisture Mask Pack 1ea

- A moisturizing and brightening sheet mask that provides the skin with vitamin C and ceramides for hydrated skin.

Please check the product pages for details.

Please check the product pages for details.

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