Limited Edition Vegan Hand Butter Set + SKZ Photo ID Set

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A set of limited edition vegan hand creams made using a non-sticky formula that moisturizes and softens the skin with naturally derived ingredients for smooth hands.
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- This set is the 2nd collaborative project with Stray Kids with packaging featuring Stray Kids.
- This product is a perfumed hand cream set with 8 different scents.
- This set of hand creams is created using moisturizing ingredients from nature and leaves the hands feeling soft and smooth.
- This product does not leave a slippery residue when used and can be used on the hands anytime during the day.

Take an appropriate amount, apply on hands and let it absorb.

Shea Butter
- Shea Butter relieves dry skin by moisturizing and nourishing the skin along with softening skin that has become rough due to external factors.

Sunflower Seed Oil
- Sunflower Seed Oil has antioxidizing properties that help to prevent premature signs of aging by protecting the skin from sun damage and fighting off harmful free radicals.

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