Green Golden Ruler Cream 100ml
Green Golden Ruler Cream 100ml
Green Golden Ruler Cream 100ml
Green Golden Ruler Cream 100ml
  • Vegan

    Green Golden Ruler Cream 100ml

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    The Green Golden Ruler Cream is a calming and hydrating super shield vegan facial & neck cream with a non-sticky and moist yogurt formula chocablock with probiotics, matcha, and hemp seed oil.

    - 67.29% of Green tea water is used in place of water which drenches skin in supple hydration, while the hempseed oil in the formula quickly calms irritation.

    - The soft yogurt cream is full of probiotics and provides deep moisturization that seeps in gently and fills the skin from deep within.

    1. Soften the skin with our magic beauty shroom essence, take an adequate amount then gently apply onto the face and neck.
    2. Add another layer onto dry area to feel the deep hydration.

      During the dry season, apply a generous amount before going to bed as a sleeping pack.


    - Its antioxidants and beneficial plant compounds make matcha a great anti-aging agent, and calming factor for redness and irritations.


    - Probiotics can help build collagen and strengthen the skin barrier, working against anti-aging and for healthier skin.

    Hyaluronic Acid

    - Hyaluronic acid, and its salt derivative sodium hyaluronate, are humectants capable of attracting up to 1000 times its weight in water, gathering moisture around the skin to help reduce the effects of external stress factors.

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