Caffeine Shot Collagen Eye Cream 30g

An eye cream developed to provide the care needed to thwart off dark circles by improving the microcirulcation of blood vessels and reducing swelling around the eyes.

- This eye cream tackles dark circles by targeting the root of the problem of dark circles for brighter, tighter skin around the eyes.

- This product contains ingredients with antioxidizing properties to help protect and heal the skin from the sun's rays.

- This eye cream improves circulation around the eyes to prevent swelling around the eyes.

- This product has lifting and tightening properties to create youthful-looking skin around the eyes when used.

  1. Eye cream should be applied in the morning after moisturizer and prior to sunscreen, and in the evening as the final step of your skincare routine.
  2. Pump an appropriate amount on the tip of your fingers.
  3. Tap gently around your eyes until absorbed evenly in your skin.


- Collagen promotes healthier skin, stronger connective tissues, and sturdy bones.

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