Nacific Vita Ceramide Moisture Mask Pack 1ea

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A moisturizing and brightening sheet mask that provides the skin with vitamin C and ceramides for hydrated skin.

- This sheet mask provides the skin with moisturization and brightens the skin to create healthy, youthful skin.

- This product strengthens the skin’s elasticity and brightens the skin to create younger-looking skin.

- This sheet mask controls the excess sebum and oil on the skin to maintain a healthy oil-moisture balance.

- This product is made with bamboo-derived cellulose material that allows for this sheet mask to adhere securely onto the face.

  1. After cleansing, gently place the sheet mask on the skin, following the facial contour.
  2. Leave for 15–20 min then slowly remove the mask starting from the edges.
  3. Lightly pat the remaining essence until absorbed.

Vitamin C

- Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps to fight off harmful free radicals and create bright, radiant skin.


- Ceramides provide the skin with long lasting moisturization.

Plant Stem Cell

- Plant Stem Cells help the skin maintain the skin’s elasticity to create youthful-looking skin.

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