The Potions

With efficiency at the heart of their mission, The Potions offers smart, speedy skin solutions ready for you to mix and match to your needs. The Potions cut the fuss and refined the essence of each potion to tackle any skin problem, in every scenario. Build your own simplified K-beauty routine that’s just right for you.

The Potions (17)

The Barrier Builder Set

$46.99 $41.00

Cica Complex Cream Mixer 50g

$19.99 $17.50

Revitalizer; Vitamin B12 Ampoule


The Radiance Replenish Set

$63.99 $46.50

Saver; Tea Tree Oil Serum


Brightener; Q10 Ampoule


Cica Acne Gentle Facial Cleanser 110ml

$16.99 $14.99

Booster; Peptide Ampoule


Cica Box

$133.99 $90.00

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