All About Glow Tone Up Cream 50ml
All About Glow Tone Up Cream 50ml
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    All About Glow Tone Up Cream 50ml

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    A game changing tone up cream that tones up the skin and provides the skin with deep hydration.

    - This tone up cream provides areas of dry skin intensive moisturization to improve skin elasticity.

    - This product increases the radiance of the skin tone by hydrating the skin.

    - This tone up cream is versatile and can also be applied as a highlighter.

    - This product can hydrate and take care of the areas that are usually forgotten such as the lips and neck.

    1. Squeeze an adequate amount of the product onto your hands.
    2. Apply the product onto the skin and by making small circles for absorption.

    Apple Mint Leaf

    - Apple Mint Leaf is a mild astringent that helps to tone and hydrate the skin to create a more supple, smooth complexion.


    - Niacinamide helps to build skin cells and protect them from external stressors.

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