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Our April Lucky Box is blooming with all the products that you love! Get ten full-sized products as a price you cannot find anywhere else and bloom this month like flowers with glowy skin. 🌸

**Limited to 1 per customer**

What's in the box?

House of Dohwa: Rice Bran Sheet Mask x1

The House of Dohwa Rice bran sheet mask, wraps rich rice bran extract onto the skin with 100% cotton sheets, drenching the skin with full nutrition.

House of Dohwa Peach Blossom Overnight Mask x1

A skin-rejuvenating sleeping mask with peach blossom that rejuvenates, softens and hydrates skin overnight, just like magic.

Rovectin Clean Lotus Water Calming Sheet Mask x1

A sheet mask with a gel-like texture to help instantly soothe sensitive, damaged skin while producing the skin with long lasting hydration.

SKINFOOD Kale Sous Vide Mask Sheet x1

Get your dose of fruits & veggies with the Kale Sous Vide Mask Sheet!

The Potions Saver; Tea Tree Oil Serum x1

A weightless, supercharged Tea tree oil serum enhanced with tea tree oil for troubled, acne-prone skin.

POSITIVE HOTEL Mediterranean Green Mint

A detoxing and depuffing soluble powder that helps to get negativity right out of your system.

Mary&May White Collagen Cleansing Foam x1

This cleansing foam contains 46.6% collagen and 1% niacinamide that lathers up to a rich, creamy foam, effectively removing impurities to restore bright and translucent skin.

Mary&May Rose Hyaluronic Hydra Wash off Pack x1

A wash-off mask made with grounded French rose petals to provide instant hydration to the skin.

Skybottle Viva La Pink Perfumed Hand Cream x1

A refreshing hand cream with long-wearing scent of grapefruit that quickly absorbs, moisturizes and nourishes dehydrated hands.

Touch in SOL Vegan Again Corelagen Stick x1

A waterless skincare stick that has the core made out of 1% Reallagen vegan collagen derived through fermentation firms the skin from the inside out for smoother looking skin.

Please check the product pages for details.

Please check the product pages for details.

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