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Aqua Cleanser 150ml

$16.00 $18.00
A gentle, non-irritating cleanser made of hydrating ingredients for non-stripping, cleansing effects when used.

- This cleanser is made of plant-derived surfactants that thoroughly cleanse impurities on the skin with non-irritating, rich foam.

- This product contains ingredients that help to recharge moisture from the inside to the surface of the skin, form a moisture barrier, and increase moisture adhesion.

- This cleanser contains ingredients that calm and protect the skin.

- This product is made of ingredients that gently exfoliates to create a smooth skin texture.

  1. Apply small amount of product to clean hands.
  2. Gently massage into damp skin in circular motions.
  3. Rinse thoroughly.

Triple Hyaluronic Acid
- Triple Hyaluronic Acid can provide deep hydration to the skin, replenishing moisture levels and helping to improve skin elasticity and suppleness.

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