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Aquatide Resurface Serum 50ml

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An award-winning daily serum with Aquatide 5000, a patented peptide derivative, that helps activate autophagy, enriches skin, and promotes cellular turnover for restoring and repairing damaged, aged skin.

- This product has been awarded the 1st prize in Glowpick Consumer Beauty Award 2019 (Ampoule Serum Category).

- As the only winner from South Korea, this product has won In Cosmetics Asia GOLD Award for Aquatide 5000, a bio-ingredient developed exclusively in South Korea.

- The Aquatide 5000 formula has obtained its patent in USA, Japan, and Europe, globally approved and recognized for its exclusive technology.

- The Aquatide 5000 4% system has been developed based on the “Autophagy Mechanism” which has won the 2016 Nobel Prize in Physiology.

- Aquatide 5000’s autophagy activation method not only protects skin from exterior stimulants and pollutants but tones the surface of the skin and nourishes the dermis with intense hydration.

- The unique, intrinsic Aquatide formula stimulates autophagy activation, helping to tone not only the surface of skin but hydrate from within.

#1 Helpful Tips

Perfect for providing nutrients to the skin after toning.

1. Intensive Care

- After cleansing, apply a generous amount around the eyes, mouth, and other troubled areas.
- Gently massage into skin for full absorption.

2. Sleeping Mask

- Use as a sleeping mask by evenly applying serum all over the face.
- Gently massage into skin.
- Wash off in the morning.

3. Make-Up Base

- Mix into your foundation or cushion-pact to avoid dryness and caking.
- Gently pat into skin for optimal absorption.

Aquatide 5000 (4%)

- Aquatide 5000 is developed based on the Autophagy mechanism. Autophagy is a mechanism that disassembles, synthesizes and recycles within cells (2016 Nobel Prize Winner).

- Aquatide itself is an award-winning ingredient, winning the In-Costmetics Asia Award and GrandPrix Award in 2016, and has been patented in 4 countries around the globe.

- Aquatide 5000’s core effect is anti-aging; it increases LC3-II production when Autophagy is activated and increases the autophagic structures inside the inner cells.

- Aquatide 5000 has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties that soothes and reduces irritaion in sensitive skin.

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