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Atobarrier 365 Cream

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A moisturizing cream that strengthens the skin barrier that provides the skin with 100 hours worth of long-lasting moisturization when used.

- This moisturizer has powerful moisturizing properties and helps to strengthen damaged skin when used.

- This product is perfect for anyone who is a moisturizer nomad looking for a moisturizer that delivers real results and high levels of moisturization.
- This moisturizer contains moisturizing capsules that melt and absorb into the skin to deliver moisture to the skin.
- This product keeps the skin hydrated from the inside out and has a high repurchase rate.

  1. Apply gently to areas with severe dryness.
  2. Massage into the skin, allowing it to be absorbed into the skin.

- Ceramides help to lock in hydration in the skin by strengthening the skin barrier and preventing the evaporation of moisture on the skin.
- Ceramides calm skin irritation and create youthful-looking skin.

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