Barrier cycle Toner Pad 160ml
Barrier cycle Toner Pad 160ml
Barrier cycle Toner Pad 160ml
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    Barrier cycle Toner Pad 160ml

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    100% cotton pads pre-soaked with a soothing and hydrating toner for ease of use.

    - This toner pad is created with an all-in-one formula that was created with the purpose of caring for your skin texture.

    - This product will leave your skin feeling doft and supple after usage.

    - This toner pad is double-sided to help soften the skin texture and replenish the moisture on the skin for a more refreshing experience.

    - This product comes with a generous amount of toner that will do its job to the last drop and be pleasantly absorbed by the skin when used.

    1. After washing your face, gently roll the pad on your face using the mesh side of the pad.
    2. Wipe along the skin texture using the smooth side of the pad to create a smooth finish.

    Phyto Mucin

    - Phyto Mucin is a yam-based mucin that helps to create a protective layer of hydration on the skin.


    - D-Panthenol derives from plant-based vitamin B5 and helps to strengthen the skin's barrier.

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