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Haruharu Wonder

Black Bamboo Mist 80ml

$25.00 $28.00
A fine spray mist for all skin types to help supply ultra-light moisture throughout the day.

- This mist is gentle and has fine particles to be lightweight and gentle for all skin types.

- This product can help those with dehydrated and easily irritated skin get the needed dosage of moisturization throughout the day.

- This mist provides the skin with deep nourishment to take care of skin that lacks nutrients.

- This product cools exhausted skin to help calm and heal skin.

  1. Shake and hold the bottle 15 - 25 cm away from face and mist.
  2. Use anytime throughout the day to freshen up skin.

Black Bamboo Extract

- Black Bamboo Extract strengthens the skin and leaves the skin tight and firm when used, making it a powerful anti aging agent.

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