Blue Petal

Blemish Calming Oil Serum 24ml

$27.00 $30.50
A serum formulated with 18 natural ingredients to provide a quick soothing session to irritated skin.

- This serum helps to resolve excessive sebum, enlarged pores, and red spots.

- This product is an oil serum that quickly soothes irritated skin when used.

- This serum has a lightweight, super-moisturizing texture that allows the product to be absorbed easily and leave behind a natural glow.

- This product contains 18 natural ingredients that help to calm and soothe irritated skin.

  1. Layering : Use the calming oil serum before the cream
  2. Mixing : Mix a few drops of the calming oil serum with your favorite cream
  3. Spot care : Apply the product directly to the areas that have been stimulated

Tea Tree and Lavender

- Tea Tree and Lavender are effective ingredients that solve various skin problems such as excess sebum, pores, skin trouble, etc

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