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    Chasin' Rabbits Shall We Band 1ea

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    A comfortable, multi-functional headband with eco-friendly, plant-extracted fiber, Jurasil, that absorbs sweat and dries in seconds.

    - This headband is made with eco-friendly fiber, Jurasil, which is a blend of natural substances extracted from plants.

    - Thie product softly wraps around the skin without causing any irritation, and holds head stably to prevent any hair from falling down.

    - The high performance ATB-UV+ fabric quickly absorbs sweat and impurities, and soon dries itself out during a workout.

    - This product is multi-functional which makes it perfect to wear for workout, cleansing and even as a fashion accessory.

    - This headband has an elastic band on the back to match size for everyone.

    1. Hold the headband with both hands, and bring it from the top of the head down to the neck.

    2. Gently pressing the front of the band, pull up over hair.


    - Jurasil eliminates disadvantages of funcitional fibers, vegetable fibers, and synthetic polymers.

    - Jurasil is natural chemicals that are not coated with insulation.

    - Jurasil has a great dye ability to show any color.

    - Jurasil has an antistatic effect and a soft touch, making it feel smooth on skin.

    - Jurasil is non-irritating which allows sensitive skin to wear it without a chance of having breakouts.

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