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Cica Melting Lotion 130ml

A perfect day-use lotion with cica that offers a refreshing and soothing touch to a skin.

- Containing real Centella Asiatica Leaf(16,000ppm) that is quickly absorbed into skin through patent application technology for softening.

- Containing Madenolbiome as a unique complex of skin lactobacillus* as beneficial bacteria protecting balance in skin, and soothing ingredient, it recovers the collapsed skin balance and protects skin(*Lactobacillus-originated fermented product, instead of live bacteria).

- Super Centella™ as the skin soothing complex of four ingredients originated from Centella Asiatica, perfectly controls greasy sebum for smooth skin.

1. Tone your skin after washing your face.
2. Softly roll the lotion onto your skin so the 100% CICA leaves absorb into the skin, and let it melt in.

Ceramide Ferment Complex
- Moisturizes the skin and strengthens the skin barrier.

- A natural moisturizing factor(NMF), it is a patented ingredient that controls moisture loss in the skin by promoting synthesis of filaggrin, which is needed for the skin to stay hydrated.

Pancratium Maritimum
- Enhances moisture-retention in the skin and has brightening effects.

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