Cicapair Cream 50ml

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A highly-concentrated recovery face cream that moisturizes and soothes sensitive, irritated skin.

- Enriched green texture brings relief to the skin and enhances its natural viability by restoring strength and health.

- The innovative HugElasome technology allows faster and deeper penetration with smooth appliance.

- Sensitive skin & Redness care. Quickly calms sensitive skin caused by stress and external stimulation.

- It calms down troubled skin and has the effect of quickly recovering skin.

  1. Apply on clean skin after basic skin care.
  2. Softly massage on irritated skin.
  3. Complete the treatment by lightly tapping for better penetration.

Centella Asiatica Complex

- High concentrated recovery ingredient designed to soothe irritated and sensitive skin.

- Centella Extract + Madecassoside + Asiaticoside + Asiatic Acid

- The ultimate recovery concentration

4-Mineral Complex

- The enriched mixture of minerals and panthenol improves the skin's moisture barrier and keeps the skin plumped, dewy and hydrated.

3-Herb Complex

- Yarrow : Strengthen the original strength with a herb that helps improve skin texture.

- Houttuynia Cordata : A powerful herb enhancing skin's viability.

- Resurrection Plant : This plant almost looks dead during drought, but it can survive even when 98% of it's moisture. A few drops of rain is enough to bring this plant back to health and being green.

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