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Coréelle Curation: Poolside Paradise

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Say goodnight to dull, dry skin and say good morning to hydrated, glowing skin! This set is your ultimate beauty sleep in a box.

- Get your summer skin ready! Make every hour golden hour with this month's Coreelle Curation Box - Pool Side Paradise.

- Featuring 5 essential items to get your complexion protected, hydrated, and glowing like never before. We've got everything you need for that radiant summer skin including 3 full-size products. Coreelle's exclusive bundle is here to make summer look good on you.

- Worth $63 - save 53%

- Exclusive to Coreelle

What's in the box:

Pink Fruity Dragon Fruit Pore Pack
- A pore tightening, exfoliating clay mask with dragon fruit extract that effectively minimizes and tightens pores for smoother, softer-looking skin.

Cica Calming Toner
- A daily light-weight toner infused with madecassoside, asiatic acid, and mugwort that deeply hydrates and soothes dull, exhausted skin.

Rice Bran Sheet Mask x 2
- Rice extract infused mask that deeply hydrates and brightens the skin.

Peptide Water Bomb
- A lightweight moisturizer with peptide that instantly hydrates and strengthens skin barrier to protect skin from external irriation.

1g Sun Cream Intensive Protection x 6
- A sunscreen packaged in individual pouches with 1 gram of sunscreen to make the application of sunscreen convenient.

Pink Fruity Dragon Fruit Pore Pack

1. Apply evenly onto clean, dry skin, avoiding the eye and lip areas.
2. Leave on for 10 minutes.
3. Wash off with lukewarm water before completely dried. TIP: Can be used on other areas of the body such as neck, chest, and back

Cica Calming Toner

After washing your face, apply an even amount of the toner to a cotton pad or your hands and smooth out onto your skin softly before your skin dries up.

Rice Bran Sheet Mask

1. After cleansing, tone your skin texture with toner.
2. Take the sheet out and spread onto your face.
3. After 10~20 minutes, remove the sheet and gently pat the essence residue onto your skin for better absorption.

Peptide Water Bomb

1. Squeeze the tube for an appropriate amount of product.
2. Spread evenly to the skin, using your fingertips to tap in for faster absorption.
3. Apply thinly in the morning, and layer ample amounts before bedtime to use like a overnight mask. Add one or two drops of jojoba oil for dry skin.

- Peptides are amino acids that make up essential proteins such as collagen and elastin which are responsible for maintaining your skin’s elasticity, texture, and strength.

Oryza Sativa (Rice) Extract
- Helps restore vitality back into a lifeless skin with its rich nutrition including essential amino acids, vitamins and proteins.

Green Calming Complex
The Green Calming Complex is made with Asiaticoside, Asiatic Acid, Madecassic Acid, Portulaca Oleracea Extract and more beneficial botanical ingredients for those who suffer from red, irritated and sensitive skin.

Dragon Fruit
- Dragonfruit is full of antioxidants, vitamins, nutrients that have soothing properties, especially beneficial for acne-prone, inflamed, and sunburnt skin.

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