Peptide Water Bomb 100ml
Peptide Water Bomb 100ml
Peptide Water Bomb 100ml
Peptide Water Bomb 100ml
Peptide Water Bomb 100ml
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    Peptide Water Bomb 100ml

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    A lightweight moisturizer with peptide that instantly hydrates and strengthens skin barrier to protect skin from external irriation.

    - The formula contains various peptides strengthens damaged skin barriers to prevent moisture loss, and protects the skin from external irritations.

    - 83% Natural Ingredients

    - A common misconception is that oily skin should avoid moisturization! It is important to moisturize oily skin to create a healthy moisture balance and prevent excess sebum and oil.

    - Completed rigorous clinical results from European institutions.
    + Moisturization measurement : +18.60%
    + TEWL measurement : -8.07%
    + Sebum measurement : -9.82%

    - The formula delivers skin barrier care and anti-aging with its various peptide components and natural-derived hyaluronic acid moisturizing film formation.

    - The formula has been developed to hydrate smoothly without stickiness, providing deep moisturization within the dermis and keeping the exterior skin layers soft and supple.

    - Peptide Water Balm is slightly acidic with pH of 6.0.

    1. Squeeze the tube for an appropriate amount of product.
    2. Spread evenly to the skin, using your fingertips to tap in for faster absorption.
    3. Apply thinly in the morning, and layer ample amounts before bedtime to use like a overnight mask. Add one or two drops of jojoba oil for dry skin.


    - Peptides are amino acids that make up essential proteins such as collagen and elastin which are responsible for maintaining your skin’s elasticity, texture, and strength.

    Hyaluronic Acid

    - Hyaluronic acid gathers moisture around the skin to help reduce the effects of external stress factors. Hyaluronic acid, and its salt derivative sodium hyaluronate, are humectants capable of attracting up to 1000 times its weight in water.

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