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Double Lasting Serum Foundation 30g

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A long lasting serum foundation that creates healthy, bright-looking skin that glows as if one had a good night’s sleep the night before.
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- This foundation provides double the amount of coverage with a single application to effortlessly cover blemishes and redness with just a thin layer.
- This product covers up blemishes while creating glowy skin to give off the effect of getting beauty sleep every night.
- This foundation leaves a flawless yet lightweight finish when applied on the skin.

[Shades Available]
P02 Rosy Pure (No. 19)

- A bright shade with a hint of pink for fair, cool-tone skin.
P03 Light Vanilla (No. 21)
- A pink based glowy shade for light, cool-tone skin.
N03 Neutral Vanilla (No. 21)
- A bright shade of vanilla for light, neutral-tone skin.
21C1 Petal (No. 21)
- A light shade of beige for those with cool-toned skin.

  1. Shake well before use.
  2. Dab an adequate amount of foundation on the skin.
  3. Using a brush, stroke from the center and move outwards.
  4. Pat to blend in the product well.
  5. Use a blender for a seamless finish without leaving any creases.

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