Dr. Derma Solution Barrierderm Milky Serum 55ml

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A milky serum with fila seed that tightens and restores skin layer to prevent water loss, while deeply penetrating moisture inside.

- This serum comforts and soothes irritated skin while keeping skin hydrated and nourished.

- The Core Technology integrated in this serum strengthens and boosts hydration instensely and instantly into your skin.

- The product is thoughtfully formulated for maximum hydration with 'fila seed' made from naturally occuring moisturizing agent inside skin epidermis and 'polysaccharides' that aren highly effective in attracting and locking moisture inside.

- This serum contains abundant 'Taurine' that is inside the milk protein extract, delivering deep hydration while providing skin firmness for plumper, younger-looking skin.

- The product integrates 4 layer technology, 'Multilayer', which strengthens skin's protective layer and lock-in moisture.

- Clean Beauty: This product contains NO artificial fragrance or coloring.

- Dermatologist tested: This product has been tested and proven hypoallergenic from dermatologists.

- Safe Ingredients: This product only contains safe ingredients for sensitive skin.

  1. After prepping skin with your skincare routine, apply 3 to 4 drops onto face.
  2. Gently pat for full absorption.

Fila Green

- Fila Green is a naturally occuring moisturizing factor inside skin epidermis that fortifies and strengthens skin barrier, leaving skin firm and hydrated.
- Fila Green protein produces NMF, Natural Moisturizing Factor, which helps skin become moist and hydrated.
- Fila Green is responsible for restoring and strengtening cell activity.


- Allantoin is a naturally occuring moisturizing ingredient with gentle, non-irritating qualities for those with sensitive or easily irritated skin.
- Allantoin is an exfoliant that helps shed and remove impurities, dead skin cells, and excess sebum that clogs pores, increasing skin smoothness.


- Panthenol is a soothing, anti-irritant agent that smoothes and evens out dull, rough skin texture.
- Panthenol helps skin restore and strengthen a protective barrer against irritation and water loss.


- Fructooligosaccharides is used as an alternative to sugar coming from plants, including bananas and blue agave, which helps retain moisture inside skin as an effective skin soothing, moisturizing agent.

Milk Protein

- Milk Protein contains abundant 'Taurine' that is capable of delivering deep hydration while providing skin firmness for plumper, younger-looking skin.
- Milk Protein reduces allergic infections like rashes and dark spots on skin, clearing and purifying skin.
- Milk Protein forms a protective film on skin surface to lock-in moisture and retain it within skin.


- Ceramides help create a protective barrer on skin against external stressors and environmental damage, locking moisture into skin to prevent dryness and irritation.
- Ceramides has an anti-aging properties that help prevent and reduce appearance with signs of aging.

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