Dual Barrier Skin Boosting Serum 30ml

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A skin-boosting serum with ceramides and panthenol that soothes and calms sensitized skin by fortifying skin barrier.

-5 types of natural Ceramide effectively protect the skin barrier from external stressors to strengthen overall skin texture. 
-Aquatide boosts hydration level and enhances the skin's natural Ceramides to help improve overall skin condition.
-Panthenol helps to reduce inflammation & redness, offering effective soothing and repairing properties.
-Dermatologist Tested: Hypoallergenic, safe for sensitive skin types.
-SAFE & CLEAN: No harsh chemicals, artificial fragrance-free, suitable for all skin types.

Apply 2-3 drops onto your face, neck, and/or body and gently massage.

- It not only rehydrates the skin, but also strengthens the skin and helps the skin solve its own problems.

5type of ceramide
- It prevents moisture from coming out of the skin and balances oil and moisture.

- It helps to produce moisture from deep inside the skin and improves skin barriers.

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