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Freeze Tag Ice Roller 50ml
Freeze Tag Ice Roller 50ml
Freeze Tag Ice Roller 50ml
Freeze Tag Ice Roller 50ml
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    Freeze Tag Ice Roller 50ml

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    An ice cold soothing serum roller excellent for shaping the face and caring for your pores.

    - For a gentle, yet effective cleansing experience, micro-sized, pH-balanced bubbles cleanses skin throughout, while naturally-activated charcoal powder absorbs excess sebum and impurities clogged inside the pores thoroughly.

    - The formula includes naturally-activated charcoal power that efficiently absorbs and reduces excess oil, impurities, or blackheads inside the pores for clean, purified complexion.

    - The charcoal powder can be seen once your flip the container upside down.

    1. Shake well before use until activated charcoal powder is mixed.
    2. Pour a moderate amount onto hand.
    3. Add water and rub to form bubbles.
    4. Gently massage onto face and body.
    5. Rinse thoroughly.

      Tip: Carry some in a small container to use as a go-to hand wash.

    Activated Charcoal Powder

    - Activated Charcoal Powder effectively helps draw and absorb excess sebum and impurities clogged inside pores for a cleaner, smoother complexion.

    Bamboo Water

    - Bamboo water is has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that aids in healing and soothing skin as well as treating acnes or blemishes.

    - Bamboo water is recognized as a powerhouse for skin rejuvenation which helps skin look youthful, and highly recommended to sensitive skin for its ability in reducing redness and irritation.

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